Bethel College cares greatly about the safety and wellness of students, faculty, staff and our guests. It is consistent with the mission, ethics and values of Bethel College to encourage persons to help their neighbors. Bethel College has in place a “Good Samaritan Policy” to empower students to report concern for others who are in danger of any kind, including but not limited to harm resulting from alcohol or other substance abuse, physical violence, emotional abuse, sexual harassment and assault, bullying, cyber-bullying and other types of harassment. Bethel College encourages people who are witness to or aware of harmful, dangerous or emergency situations to contact help.

To further emphasize the importance of this issue, Bethel College has instituted a system of anonymous reporting for individuals who would like to make a report but remain concerned about protecting their identity for reasons such as safety or confidentiality. Anonymous reports can be made via hand-written or typed notes sent to Student Life, anonymous telephone calls made to 316-284-5337, and now via this online Student Life Concern Form. Information submitted via the online Student Life Concern Form will be sent to Student Life staff without identifying the sender.

NOTE: In cases of imminent danger or emergency, please do NOT use these anonymous reporting methods as the only way to seek help. Please contact any of the following telephone numbers:

Please describe the issue of concern, including the names of students involved and any related information:

For concerns related to cyber-bullying, please paste any relevant websites here:

This form is being sent anonymously. If you would like to include your contact information, complete the section below: